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"Modeling Success: You have the question. I have the answer."

My life’s work is Living the Dream and sharing its secrets. Suzanne Von Schaack shares her knowledge and insights of modeling and the fashion industry. She is often asked how to break into modeling, and in this book, Suzanne answers frequently asked questions and presents her formula for modeling success. She is passionate about the modeling and entertainment industries and generously shares her knowledge through teaching, mentoring and now offering this book as a guide to your success. With over 40 years of experience in the modeling industry, it is with sheer joy and excitement that I present my book, Modeling Success. I have had an exciting and lucrative career as a model during the 70s, 80s and 90s in NYC, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan. I am in gratitude to all of the agents who have represented me over the years and to the many clients who have booked me. I dedicate this book to all of you who share the same dream that I had as a young girl... to become a model.

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Suzanne Von Schaack Interview
Click here to listen to Suzanne's interview on the Jiggy Jaguar Show on KJAG Radio.
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