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Frances Harder | Founder and President of Fashion Business Inc.

"I first worked with Suzanne many years ago when she modeled for one of our fashion shows. She was then the most professional person on and off the stage. Since then we have been fortunate to have worked with Suzanne as our producer on many events over the years to highlight our members fashion lines. For the past six years Suzanne has taken charge of our annual fundraiser held at the historic Union Station. We are so very fortunate to have her part of our team. Not only is she professional but she is also great to work with and totally understands the mission of our shows that draws around a thousand attendees. “



Ella Garcia | Model

Meeting Suzanne was the best thing that has ever happened for my modeling career.   From the moment I met her she believed in me.  I knew the first time I walked the runway that this is a career I would like to pursue.  She gave me the tools I needed to refine my skills and book more designers each subsequent season.  She taught me how to personify confidence and poise and still enjoy the runway.  She has taught me to set my goals high, prioritize them and conquer them one by one!  My next goal is to get signed in NY, Europe & Asia.  She is working with me now to make those dreams a reality.  Thank you Suzanne for all you have done for me!



Catherine Dauw | Model

Modeling had always been something I was curious about, but I would always put it aside, because I never knew where to start. Meeting Suzanne was the greatest thing for me. She taught me how to be comfortable and how to have confidence while presenting myself to the modeling world.  She taught me everything I know today. I wouldn't know how to walk on the runway, do my resume, set up my portfolio, or how to go about getting my SAG card.  She taught me everything I needed to know about the business and how to set myself up for the future. It was her guidance and her connections that got me a contract with a modeling agency.  I am now signed to Wünder Agency.  I feel more prepared than ever and I am grateful for her patience.



Ameann DeJohn | Clarisma Beauty

I had the rewarding opportunity to work closely with Suzanne and her team on a video and photo shoot for our skincare brand, Clarisma. I was truly impressed with her depth of knowledge on modeling, photography, and video production. Her direction was clear and concise, and always remained on point. Suzanne’s ability to effectively communicate to the models, photographer, and videographer was impressive. She is exemplary at many things, but excels at visualizing a project and seeing it through. Without her clear direction and vision, the project would have taken much longer to complete. We are thrilled with both the outstanding results and her excellent work.



Jane Terlesky | Promenade Co-Chair, 2015


Suzanne von Schaack is a consummate professional. We have hired her the past two years to choreograph a fashion show for the National Charity League, San Fernando Valley Chapter's yearly Promenade luncheon. We can now not imagine anyone else doing the job in the calm, professional, thoughtful and imaginative way that she does. She is always on time and she delivers the show you ask for within the parameters set for her, never going over in time and always trying to translate our ideas into something that looks great on the runway and that is fun for the girls to do. This year, Suzanne incorporated a public speaking element for the girls into the show and it worked beautifully. I have also seen Suzanne's work at events that I have attended, such as the Louisville High School senior fashion show - her work is always A+! I highly recommend Suzanne von Schaack as choreographer and producer of any fashion show your organization has in its future.


Jane Terlesky


Promenade Co-Chair, 2015



Trish Concannon | Executive Director of Fashion Business Inc.

I first met Suzanne in 2009 at one of her runway shows. I started working with her on a professional level four years ago when I became the full time Director of Fashion Business Incorporated. Suzanne has been the official show producer for our annual runway show and fundraiser since 2011. We work very closely in the months leading up to the event and I have always been beyond Impressed with her talents! Suzanne is one of the most organized and professional people I know! It’s always a pleasure working with her and I feel very fortunate to not only call her a colleague, but also a close friend. 



Cindy Teufel | Proud Mom of Catarina

Dear Suzanne,



Thank you so much for making Caterina part of such an impressive show!  We've spent some time on your website and after viewing all of your accomplishments and recogition, we are even more proud to be able to say that Caterina had the privilege of working with you.  We would be honored to have her be a part of one of your future projects.  In fact, Caterina has not stopped talking about you and the girls she met during the showcase.


Last week she did receive a few call backs with some LA and NY agencies.  We are going to be in the LA area late July/early August for a family trip and to hopefully visit with some of the agents.  Should you know of any agencies where you feel Caterina would be a good fit, please let us know and we'll try to get in front of them too.


Currently, she is supposed to meet with Hollander Talent Group and Chateu Billings Talent Agency.  We also did callbacks with Wilhelmina NY and MMG NY last week at IPOP.  She actually won the grand prize (trip to NY and lunch with "Big Time Rush"), so we will also be in New York the second week in Septemeber.  We know your name is well known in the industry....If you're able to put in the "good word" with anyone, we greatly appeciate it!


Feel free to check out a short film trailer in which Caterina played the lead role this past May:


Attached is a picture of you and Caterina after the showcase.  We truly would love the opportunity to work with you again.  Traveling is not a problem and well worth the opportunity!  Thank you again for everything.  You made our investment and time at IPOP worth it!


Take care, and best of luck with your future endeavors.....



Cindy Teufel

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