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You have entered the world of FASHION, MODELING, ACTING, PRODUCING, HOSTING, AND WRITING...the arts in a nutshell.  Click the category of your interest to enjoy the world that Suzanne Von Schaack lives in.


Suzanne Von Schaack has worn many different hats within the fashion industry.  She has graced the pages of Vogue, Bazaar, L’Official, and Cosmopolitan.  After meeting Hubert Givenchy at a casting in New York her life changed.  Much of her time after that was spent in Paris walking the runway for the Couture Collections in Paris and Milan as well as being photographed for the many publications in Paris.  Continuing on a path in the arts, Suzanne studied acting in NYC.  Her first movie was “Tootsie.”  She then moved to Los Angeles where she continued to work in both the Entertainment and Modeling Business.  She has appeared in television series classics such as Dallas, Dynasty, Aley McBeal, The Young and the Restless, and cast in skits for the Jay Leno show.  Working in acting roles with Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen, Fred Williamson, Peter Marshal,  Stacy Keach, Gary Busey,  Don Wilson, and James Franco.


After all of this, Suzanne fell into (the behind the scenes) part of the business to wear the hat of “PRODUCER” --producing high end Fashion Shows for various Charity Foundations.  She also procuces a show each year for LA Fashion Week.  Although Suzanne is busy working as a Producer she still keeps active as a “talent.”  She recently was in an  “Audi” commercial.  She has also worked as a fashion writer/host for the online News Magazine “Hollywood Today.” 


In the past few years Suzanne has broadened her Production skills by producing video documentaries for corporate companies and most recently a cosmetic launch.  These video docs are used for corporate websites.


Additionally, she has partnered with many non-profit organizations such as Los Angeles Unified, “L.A.’s Best” After School Program, the LAPD Gang Violence and Pregnancy Prevention Programs teaching a Life Skills Program that she developed to mentor youth.


Suzanne knows this world inside and out and can head you in the right direction!


As a working model, actress, teacher, and spokeswoman, Suzanne Von Schaack’s

impressive career has spanned throughout all facets of the fashion world.


Suzanne’s prestigious modeling career began at a modeling school in Wisconsin from where she hails.  After her training, Suzanne moved to New York where she attended a modeling convention and was scouted to become a Wilhelmenia Model.  Suzanne has also walked the runways of top designers like Mary McFadden, Bill Blass, Bob Mackie, Nolan Miller, David Hayes, Pierre Cardin, Ungaro, Givenchy, Versace, Fendi and Chanel.  Later, she moved her representation to “The Ford Agency.”  Suzanne has graced the pages of various magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, L’Official, and Cosmopolitan.  She has also donned the covers of New York Magazine, Camera 35, WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and Westlake Magazine.


After conquering the New York and the International Fashion World, Suzanne decided to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue acting.  She was JoAnn Barron’s first  student of the well known acting school in Santa Monica , Ca.  “The Barron/Brown Studios”.


Suzanne’s first movie credit was “Tootsie” in a scene with Dustin Hoffman and Dabney Coleman.  She later worked with Woody Allen in “Zelig.”  She has appeared in series and soap opera classics such as Dynasty, Dallas, Alley McBeal and the Young and The Restless.  She has also appeared in several Independent Film Productions, working in acting roles with  Fred Williamson, Peter Marshall, Stacy Keach, Gary Busey, Don Wilson and James Franco.

After all of this, Suzanne fell into (the behind the scenes) part of the business to wear the hat of “PRODUCER.”   These shows include fundraisers  for High Schools,  and Chairity Foundations as well as LA Fashion Week.  She now hires many of the models that she once walked with on the runway for the fashion shows that she produces.

Her other passion has been mentoring young men and women who are interested in becoming models. She has  professional workshops  throughout  the year.  Suzanne is known as a "Master Teacher" in the field of Modeling.  She often travels to train models for agencies and schools across the country.


Suzanne has partnered to work with non profits including the Los Angeles Unified “L.A.’s Best” after school program, LAPD Gang Violence and the Pregnancy Prevention Program to teach her Modeling/ Life Curriculum.  Her workshop uses modeling, acting, and life skills taught by her in a fun and interesting way to help raise the self esteem and confidence of her students.  The program ends in---What else---A FASHION SHOW!!!


Suzanne is represented by CESD Agency in Los Angeles for print and runway (310) 475-7573.  

Suzanne is represtented theatrically by Susan Nathe and Associates (323) 653-7573.


Suzanne has spent many hours within her community working with various organizations using a Life Skills Program that she created.  It is always a pleasure for her to give back.  She uses Acting, Modeling, and Life Skills training to raise the self-esteem and confidence of youth.


She has worked with the Girl Scouts of America, LAPD Gang Violence, Pregnancy Prevention, and LA’s Best after school program.


She has been coined “The Pidepiper of Kids.”  She says, "Kids are our future and I so enjoy sharing all of the knowledge that I have learned along the way."


If you or your organization would like to have her as a guest speaker please contact her directly by email:

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