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Suzanne Loves Producing Fashion Shows!  
She fell into this by accident.  Suzanne produced a show for a friend to support an inner city community program and it has now become a business. She uses all of her skills that she has learned along the way.  Many of the shows have entertainment in them and they are themed.  Suzanne produces fashion show fundraisers for high schools and charity organizations.  She also produces an annual event for LA Fashion Week.  Please enjoy the videos posted below and contact her to discuss your production.

“For The Stars Fashion House”

APAIT 35th Anniversary Fundraiser@Avalon/Hollywood

APAIT “Sashay The Runway@Avalon
2022. Pride
Show Producer: Suzanne Von Schaack

APAIT 35th Anniversary Fundraiser
@Avalon 2022
Show Producer: Suzanne Von Schaack

IPOP January 2022

Crespi Fashion Show 2021

IPOP 2021 - Orlando, Florida

Behind Scenes Vistas 2020

Alexis Monsanto Vista 2020

APAIT 30th Anniversary Show

"Vistas" 2020

IPOP 2019

"Vistas" 2019

"Man I Feel Like a Woman" - IPOP Las Vegas 2018

"Vistas" Rough cuts

Bollywood "Vistas" 2019

Los Angeles Fashion Week 2015

Vistas 2017 - Alex Angelino Designs

Fashion Blazers

IPOP - July 2018

LA Fashion Week

Vistas 2018

Backstage of CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co. Show Benefiting APAIT

IPOP Finale "Blooms of Summer" July 2017

IPOP Finale January 2017

IPOP The Boat Show 2015

Fashion Week 2015 @ Union Station

Behind the Scenes at LA Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Show Production--L.A. Fashion Week  2011

Fashion Show clips from IPOP Shows

Childrens Hospital Show - Beverly Hilton Hotel

LA Fashion Week 2013

IPOP LA 2015 Fashion Show at Roosevelt Hotel

Sleighbell - Beverly Hilton Hotel

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