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Formula for Success

How can I be successful in this business? This question has been asked over and over by the students that I teach. The answer... success is where preparation meets opportunity. So prepare, prepare, prepare!

Going to class isn't the only thing you need to do to be professional. It’s the entire package that an agent or casting director is interested in. You are the product that you are selling. Your look, your style, personality, your attitude, make-up, clothes, nails, confidence, body measurements, all of these things come into play when you are preparing to compete as a professional.

If you need to knock off a few pounds, buff up, color your hair, be more friendly or assertive, or maybe project a different style in photos - it's all up to you to seek out the professionals who can help you to create your image and at the same time be diligent about your training. After putting your entire package together, "you" then take yourself and your talent and put yourself in a place where your preparation can meet opportunity.

Modeling conventions are a great place to start and afford you many great opportunities. Don't forget- do everything you can to be fully prepared! Good luck!

Preparation + Opportunity = Success

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